Bahia Petempich

If you are ecotourism lover there is one part of the Caribbean that is waiting you, you will find a great natural surrounding landscape, it doesn't matter the resort where you stay as these are concentrated in one area long distances between each other.

Are you unsure about which hotel is the best option? Firstly any option you choose is great to relax and refresh in the crystal blue waters of the sea! Did am I forgetting something? Oh yeah, be sure to take a good sunscreen because the weather is mostly sunny.


Bay Petempich is a small quiet town near Puerto Morelos near by the sea and away from the touristic areas, about fifteen minutes from Cancun International Airport. Is the ideal destination of the honeymooners because of its tranquility.

The most important thing in this paradise!

Throughout Petempich there are several restaurants whose specialty is seafood dont miss this opportunity to consume a Caribbean dish, it is a photographic memory!

If you are an adventurous person you can take different ecotourism activities including diving, snorkeling, kayaking, zip lines, crocodile farm, sailing, fishing or take a tour to the archaeological sites at Tulum and Chichen Itza. Any of them will take you closer to the mother nature!

Petempich Bay is a unique paradise, there is no comparison. Do not waste a single minute in the airport of Cancun, we know the first thing you want to do when you are getting off the plane is to see the sea! Check our services rates in shuttle services at the Riviera Maya. You we'll be amazed by the natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean!

Remember, we also offer private tours to the best archaeological sites in the area which can be found at the following link every one of them are round trip transportation from you hotel. Send a message is fast, easy and at the best excursion price.