Isla Mujeres

Perhaps you have already visited the places you cannot miss but, what about find new places a little way from the traveler’s crowd? Sound interesting, isn´t it? No matter where you are staying, you surely want to go to the famous Isla Mujeres, to reach this piece of heaven must take a ferry that sail between Cancun and Isla Mujeres there are two maritime terminal one located at Puerto Juarez and another one located in the hotel zone but, How to go to those terminals? From where you are? Don´t be in panic we deal with it, you can afford one of our private transfer service in Cancun and Riviera Maya to go there.


Puerto Juarez

Along the coast you will find many restaurants whose specialty is seafood do not miss the dining experience at the seaside, we are sure you will take many pictures of the beautiful silhouette of the island! Also here you will find the marine terminal to board the ship that will transport you over the sea to Isla Mujeres, these ships depart every half hour.

Isla Mujeres

Once you be there you will know why is the ideal place to clear the mind and be one with nature, you might felt in an adventure film, do a tour in the island by a scooter or a golf cart, which can find available near the maritime terminal, this is the ideal way to explore the island from one corner to another.

Playa del Carmen

One of the most visited touristic place of México where you will find the famous fifth avenue, you can walk through all the path (you do not have to worry about the cars, because you won't find cars on the way). Along this avenue there are the best restaurants, nightclubs, bars, local crafts, galleries and shopping centers with easy access to the beach. It is certainly a beautiful experience! It is the most relaxed city, you will see! Without bustle. Be careful because those who visit this place fall in love with the beach and promise to return to live in it.

North Beach

Once you leave the maritime terminal at your left like four blocks down will find this famous beach, but why is famous? Because you could walk into it to 200 meters from offshore and the water will continue at your knees, this beach is a family place where you will find some bars, restaurants and hotels.

Garrafon Park

Worldwide known for its natural beauty and incredible recreational activities and attractions as snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, zip line tours and cliffs you start the adventure!

Isla Mujeres Downtown

Here you won´t find large squares or shopping center, the island invites you to explore its colorful streets where you can find many very flashy restaurants, while walking will find many small shops that offer beautiful handicrafts and local products.

Great Tours

On the coast near the maritime terminal there are fisher boats that offer a 360 tour around the entire island led by local experts, they will take you to the little lighthouse well known by his Virgin under the sea, MUSA, North Beach and unspeakable parts of the island.

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