Puerto Morelos

So, are you an adventure lover? Who also appreciate integration tours with nature, well Puerto Morelos is the ideal destination for the whole family, this place is more than a fishing coast is full of ecotourism excursions like cross the jungle on ATV or mountain bike or pass over the jungle in a zip line to end exploring into natural caves and to know the local wildlife, we can guarantee a full day of action, fun and also long walks, so pack your bottle of water because you will need it!


A fun fact, Puerto Morelos is the main port of the Mexican state at Quintana Roo, about 33 km south away from Cancun. You also have to know, Puerto Morelos has a big reef that is part of the world's second largest barrier reef, it count with just 500 meters from the beach. Don't hesitate to ask for this attractive local people are very friendly!

Feeling hungry?

Having read that Puerto Morelos is a fishing coast for sure you thought in some good seafood, the local meals you should taste will be a tikin xic or a ceviche, there’s no special restaurant for this kind of food because most restaurants are on the edge of of the beach, take the camera with you, we are sure you will take many good framed pictures!

And at night? There are many pubs, cafes and snack bars located around the main square.

Activities in Puerto Morelos

It would be a long list of the various tours Puerto Morelos offered, here is a short summary:

Selvatica: An ecological park with over 330 acres of jungle where you spend a fun day between zip line, ride scooter, swim in open cenotes, driving buggies through natural caves, snorkeling on the reef, riding towards the sea among other great activities. Ideal for lovers of the extreme site!

Crococun Zoo: As it name say is a zoo where you can interact with animals of the region in captivity, they give you opportunity to be closer to crocodiles, exotic birds, spider monkeys, deers and more species with a certified guide which is a fantastic experience.

Reef National Park: Known as "Great Mayan Reef" where you can take a boat tour to sightseeing the nature of marine life in the stunning coral reef, here is allowed practice snorkel and scuba diving.

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